Monday, July 26, 2010

Back to earth with a THUD

In the past week I've had a rather severe writing reality check. My multi-page rejection and then the win in the First Kiss (which I'd thrown together a few days prior to the closing date) had me in a rather arrogant state of mind. Surely finalling in contests and subsequent requests was now merely a formality?

Well, as it turns out - no it's isn't :) Is started off well - I've finalled in all the contests I've entered this year until the Clendon. And then I didn't final in the Clendon.

Or get Highly Commended.
Or even Commended.
(BTW approx 25 people either finalled, were highly commended or commended)

I haven't come any less than 8th in a competition since 2007, so to not even be in the top 50% was a serious blow to my ego. It hurt. I also seriously regretted my Clendon posts - I mean, now blogland knows I failed! I suck, and my book sucks.

Fortunately, I got over that sookiness pretty quickly (thank you to my writing friends who dealt with my sookfest).

Then I found out my placing in a contest (that hasn't been formally announced yet). I didn't place - but that wasn't the problem. I didn't get a request :( So, this new book that has finalled in everything it's entered (okay, 3 contests, but "everything" sounds more impressive!) isn't worthy of even a request for a partial. Ouch.

But - I have a new plan:
  1. FINALLY finish partial and submit (I do have a request for it from the FK comp -I'll need to do a considerable re-write)
  2. Start something new and enter Romance Is Not Dead
Romance Is Not Dead terrifies me. I am a softie at the best of times, and potential public humiliation does not appeal. But - it will push me to write something new, and gives me a reward for finishing that damn partial.

With my new Humble Leah hat on, I don't expect to even final - I have no doubt that the competition will be huge and of a very high quality.

But still - worth a shot, right?


  1. Go for it, Leah. You've nothing to lose and the moderators promise that all authors will be protected from any nastiness, so it's a win win situation! Good luck!

  2. Thanks Maya! I suppose it's the idea of putting my chapter out there for anyone to read or criticise (whether they comment or not on the site) is what is so scary.

    But then, I guess that's what happens when you're published :)

    Are you entering?

  3. Good on you Leah. I think a bit part of being a writer is knowing how to deal with the knock backs(easier said, I know). Best of luck with your entry. I checked out your link and it looks like a lot of fun!

  4. Leah, I know exactly what you mean. I came runner up in the Feel the Heat comp and am working with an editor but in every comp I've entered since I didn't even place. Apparently while some judges love me, there's always one who hates me. :-(
    So I didn't bother with the Clendon because I'd just get someone who hates my voice. I like to think it's because I'm too edgy for them. ;-) I guess the main thing for me is that the editor likes my writing.
    So chin up on the comps. If you're going to enter anything, enter ones that are actually judged by editors because those are the ones you need to impress and - strangely - sometimes what the eds want is not what judges think they want! :-)