Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Great beginnings...

Hello from Sarawak, Malaysia! My work trip is going very well (and I bought so many clothes and shoes in KL!), but I'm looking forward to getting home. I fly to Singapore tomorrow, only for two nights, but will have time on Thursday night after work for some last minute shopping. And to think I'm not really a big shopper!

The best thing about being on a busy work trip, and the frantic panic that immediately precedes it, is that you forget about stuff that would otherwise be super important. Like guess-timating when the finalists for a writing competition that you desperately want to do well in will be announced.

Consequently I innocently checked my email a few days ago, and there it was: An email telling me I'm a finalist in the RWNZ Great Beginnings contest! I can't believe it - especially after the luke warm feedback I received from the Golden Acorn (it's the same chapter that was judged). There were 54 entries this year, so I'm feeling particularly thrilled. Congratulations to the other finalists - Diana Holmes (x2!), Sandii Manning, Judith Nolan, Rebecca Skrabl and Suzanne Webb.

Based on the feedback from both contests, I've revised my chapter and synopsis and today hit send on both of my entries. So now I get to sit back and try hard not to think about it! I've been doing some serious second guessing and have had moments of OMG IT IS CRAP, but it's done now, so all I can do is wait :)

Anyway. I feel like all my posts are terribly self absorbed bragfests... but I can't help it! I need to tell someone other than my boyfriend :)


  1. Congrats Leah! Great news, fingers crossed for you.

    Good work on the shopping too, way to go!


  2. Congrats Leah!!

    If there are things to brag about, you definitely should. :-)


  3. Thanks Joanne! Yes, the shopping has been great fun, I bought two more pairs of shoes today! That's... seven pairs so far! *blushes*.

    Sri - Thank you :) I'm only new to romance writer blogland, but love having somewhere to share my writing related excitement. It's particular great to be able to blog when I'm on a work trip with my boss who knows nothing about my Secret Life as a Romance Writer - I definitely can't tell her!

  4. Congrats Leah !
    Dropping in first time to your blog and it is great to see loads of positive news :)
    Yay and hope things work out great for you !

    Glad that you stopped by my blog..

  5. Hi Ju, thanks for visiting! I've been reading your blog for a while now, I really enjoy it! I figured it's about time I commented on one of your posts :)

  6. Hi Leah
    congrats on your news. Brag away! It's fantastic for you and gives your fellow writers inspiration.