Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hello from Kuala Lumpur

I'm currently in KL for work, I have the most amazing view from my hotel room window - see!

I received some good news last week, I finalled in the Golden Acorn contest, my first US contest. Unfortunately the thrill of finalling didn't last long once I read the judge's comments. One judge pretty much hated the hero, heroine and story. Another judge was just a bit "meh" about my chapter, while the third judge was very positive. I actually don't know how I finalled, given only one decent score! But, regardless, much of the feedback is useful, and I have until Monday to make changes before it is submitted to HMB in London for final judging.

Will be difficult to focus on editing when I could be out shopping this weekend! Does anyone have any shopping or eating recommendations in KL?

(I know, Bad Leah. Need to write!)


  1. Isn't there another bit of good news you need to add to that? Congrats on ALL your recent finals. I think you should do a brief shop but then definitely write because you're gonna have requests coming out of everywhere soon! x

  2. That is an amazing photo - have a brilliant time in KL :)

    Congrats on the finals and good luck with your revisions :)

  3. Love the photo! Have a great time in KL and good luck!

  4. Thanks Rach, Joanne and Janette! KL was awesome, I did a LOT of shopping, but also got the revisions done. I'm currently in Sarawak, before heading to Singapore tomorrow for the last leg of my trip.