Thursday, March 18, 2010

So much to learn...

I was reading Rach's latest blog post, and one sentence kind of freaked me out:
I've learnt that he needs a goal that would still be there if I removed the heroine from the equation.
It freaked me out, because just as I thought I was starting to get the whole GMC thing, here's something else I had no idea about. I have the same problem - my hero's goal is connected to the heroine. Sure, I could add in a bigger goal, but it would add a new thread that needs to be weaved into the book, and therefore add even more complexity. I'm not convinced the book needs it.

I'm not doing the online course that Rach is doing at the moment, so can anyone shed any light on the "hero needs a goal unrelated to the heroine" thing? What do you think about this rule? Do I ignore it at my own peril?


  1. Hey Leah - don't stress too much. In my humble opinion its never black and white. And in category romance I reckon the hero's goal is often interlinked in some way with the heroine. I guess it just has to be more than simply 'convincing the heroine to marry him' - but then again, maybe it doesn't! oh I don't know.

    I think what I've learnt from the course is that if you want the hero to have a starring role they need to have more depth than a goal simply related to the heroine.

    Ie.) My hero's goal was to make the heroine's life uncomfortable so she leaves town.

    But then if the heroine didn't come back, what is his life goal? It's like peeling back the layers... continually asking WHY!?

    That probably didn't help at all :)

  2. Actually, that does help! I think :) If I ask "why?" to my hero's short term goal (chase heroine away from younger brother), then his real goal is to finally be a protective and supportive older brother after many years absence. Is that enough do you think?

    PS - I like the sound of your SuperRomance plot!

  3. I've got a post-it stuck on my pc that reads "Don't think "what next?" ask your character's what *they* want to do next!" Sometimes I have to re-read this over and over again to bring the wip back into line! Caroline x

  4. That's a good one, Caroline! It's so easy to get caught up in the plot that I forget about the characters and what they think should happen next :)

  5. Glad you like the sound of the plot - now if only I can pull it off!! I think being protective of older brother is a fabulous motivation!!! As long as (as you said) the 'why's' are all in place and believable!