Thursday, October 14, 2010

My RWA Interview (or, I'm famous!)

I'm not sure how I managed it, but I forgot to mention that I was lucky enough to be interviewed by Sandie Hudson from Romance Writers of Australia (an incredible organisation!) earlier this week. About my New Voices experience, of course :)

You can read the interview here: Author Spotlight: Leah Ashton.

By the way - if you haven't read the Top 10's second chapters yet, you don't have much time - the Top 4 are announced on Monday! Of course, if you like my chapter: Secrets & Speed Dating - I would LOVE you to vote for me :)

(Hey, how subtle was that!)


  1. HUGE congrats on your interview Leah! I'm heading off to read it now!

  2. Thanks for having a look, Lacey! I did answer the questions while still in a last-minute-panic-before-subbing-Chapter-Two state, so am pleased that the answers are lucid :)

  3. LOL! have been out of the country and have had no interent access, but am off to read and vote!!

  4. Great job Leah! You didn't just come off as lucid... you sounded sweet, charming and humble, as well... the makings of a full-time romance novelist!
    Best of luck to you!

  5. Awww, thanks Tina! You've made my morning :)