Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Voting time again!

I am a funny combination of excited, relieved and very very scared at the moment - because my New Voices Pivotal Moment is up!

Please have a read, and if (as always) you liked it, I would love your vote!

As with Chapter Two, this scene didn't come easily. I had started writing my pivotal moment (about 1500 words), and when I made the top 4, my lovely mentors asked what I planned to write for the PM. So I told them.

The didn't think this was a good idea. Basically (they didn't say this!) I'd chickened out - I'd chosen a significant moment, but not THE pivotal moment in the book. The scene they suggested I wrote happens much later in the novel, and was much scarier to write.

So, I threw out what I had (ie filed away carefully for use later) and started afresh. I had less than 48 hours to get this new scene to my mentors for feedback, so it was a slightly frantic time. Once again, having to go to work was Very Annoying :)

After some excellent feedback from my mentors, I made more changes over the weekend, and subbed on Monday.

This scene was by far the most emotional one I've written, and I seriously hope that I've done the moment justice.

But regardless of what happens next, I am beyond thrilled to have made it this far, and I know I've done the absolutely best I could. Which, I guess, is all I could do!

Thank you all for your support throughout the competition - you are all totally and completely awesome :)

PS And a special thank you to Lacey Devlin - button maker extraordinaire! -->


  1. It's another winner Leah! Lots of luck for the final judging! I'm sure the pressure has been huge, especially getting that scene written in 48 hours for your mentors! Hang in there!

  2. Love the new button. And hopefully that annoying day job will soon be a thing of the past :)

  3. I absolutely love it Leah! Can't wait to read the whole story eventually :)

  4. Thanks guys!

    Lacey - The 48 hours was self imposed - although if I hadn't met it I wouldn't have had their feedback prior to submitting. So glad I did it, their feedback was invaluable.

    Rach - Haha, I wish!

    Steph - Hey!!! Nice to see you here :)

    Jackie - Thank you :) Been such a rollercoaster!

  5. Good Luck, Leah. I love your pivotal moment. I think your writing just gets better under pressure. Like i said in my comment on romanceisnotdead - i will buy your book *when* it is published. - Sarah Brabazon

  6. Best of luck, Leah. I think your pivotal moment is fab--only another 11 or so hours to go to the big announcement :-)

  7. Thanks so much for your faith in me Sarah! I certainly hope you are right :)

    Joanne - thank you! I'm already getting nervous, and there is at least eight hours to go until I'll find out. Argh!

  8. Congrats Leah just heard the news, go and celebrate!

  9. Congrats, congrats, congrats! You're probably off doing a happy dance or making a crown with WINNER written on it in diamonds like you deserve ;) I can't wait to see your books on the shelves Leah!

  10. Congratulations Leah, Ive also done my blog post about you. Enjoy your days in the limelight and here's hoping for a lot of those days yet to come!

  11. Congratulations Leah! I loved your entry and pulled for it to win the contest!

  12. Leah, HUGE congratulations for winning the New Voices competition - the standard was so high and I loved your entry. I tried to post on the Facebook page, but for some reason it won't let me....
    Enjoy your success.

  13. Super, super, super congrats, Leah on winning the NV contest! Your entry rocked and I'm sooo pleased for you!!

  14. Congrats, congrats Leah, your PM is great! Good luck with the editor for the year - oh and i'm very jealous about the iPad! Still waiting for mine...:)

  15. Yay, Leah, so pleased for you! Absolutely loved your work and so happy for you :-)

    Don't know what I'd be most excited about--the iPad or the M&B contract ;-)

    Hope the day job hasn't got in the way of huge celebrations!