Tuesday, October 5, 2010

New Voices - 1 week on

I thought some of you may be interested in my New Voices journey so far.

I'm on Team Jessica - so my mentors are Jessica Hart and Meg Lewis. I feel so incredibly lucky to have these women helping me. Even if I go no further, making it to the Top 10 has been worth it for the experience of working with Jessica and Meg.

After the initial euphoria of receiving my Top 10 email, I received my feedback on my chapter about a day later. As all I had written was the first chapter (the perils of entering something brand new), I then asked lots of questions as I wanted to make sure my h/h conflicts were strong enough, and that my plan for the external plot was on the right track. As it turned out (not surprisingly) both my conflicts and plot needed some tweaking, and I've got no doubt that my story is stronger thanks to Team Jessica brainstorming!

I've finished Chapter Two, but it will need some further revisions following Meg and Jessica's feedback.

So far I've found this past week pretty overwhelming. This opportunity it SO incredibly huge that it is scary to think what I'm throwing away if I screw this chapter up :(

But - I wouldn't swap it for anything in the world :) All I can do is my best, I suppose!


  1. Well done Leah, sounds absolutely fab and I can't wait to read your next chapter!

  2. That's really exciting Leah, yay for all the help and advice from Team Jessica! And even if you don't make it through the next round - though i'm rooting for you ;) - you have been flagged by the editors, so they will be keeping an eye on you!

  3. You WON'T screw it up! I've SEEN what you can do under pressure and it's GOOD!!!!

  4. Thanks guys! Based on Meg's latest feedback, I want to make a few pretty decent changes to the chapter - having a day job is really really annoying right about now!

  5. It's going to be a fabulous chapter, I can feel it in my bones! I bet the day job is driving you nuts! It must be so amazing to work with such an incredible author and editor - colour me jealous ;)

    Keep us posted!

  6. I can't wait to read your second chapter.
    Just remember, you don't just have editors' and readers' attention -- you have their/our support, as well.
    Best of luck to you! :)

  7. Hi Leah! There's only a day or so left to go now so I just wanted to squeeze in an extra good luck! I've got my fingers crossed for you :)

  8. It's about that time. I can't wait to read your second chapter.
    Best of luck to you!

  9. Thanks so much Lacey and Tina - your support means a lot!

    I posted my chapter last night - eek! Just needs to be approved by Mills & Boon web site people I guess, and then it will go live. Feel a little sick...

  10. No feeling sick! I bet it's amazing :) I have some more buttons for you if you're interested? I just can't find your email... Any hints? Mine's on my blogger profile page when you click on my name here if you'd rather email me?