Monday, October 11, 2010

Second chapter voting has begun!!!

This is terrifying. My second chapter is right here: Secrets & Speed Dating, for anyone to read and comment about. It was scary enough posting chapter one, but this - this is something else.

I'd like to tell you how I was quietly determined to do my best this last week, and methodically worked my way through the chapter. Very calm, very controlled.

Of course, that would be a massive lie. I want this so badly and I got SO frustrated with myself that I couldn't get the chapter right first time.

On the plus side, I learnt I can write a lot when I set my mind to it. Here was my week:
  • Monday - submit Chapter Two draft to Team Jessica
  • Tuesday - get feedback
  • Wednesday - totally misinterpreting feedback, come up with an idea to address the areas of weakness.
  • Wednesday night - Team Jessica politely tells me that my idea sucks
  • Wednesday-Friday - Write almost totally new chapter, convinced that draft was awful
  • Friday - CPs tell me (very nicely) that there are some problems with my new chapter, and ask what happened to that good stuff from the draft?
  • Saturday - Take all the good bits of the draft and the new chapter, and create new chapter. Get some excellent feedback from Team Jessica and my amazing CPs.
  • Sunday - Make final tweaks and polish polish polish! 
Throughout all of this my incredible CPs kept me going with phone calls and emails (and one very timely calming cup of tea :) ), and my lovely partner even brought me cups of coffee without being asked :) I also managed to squeeze my full time job in somewhere, too.

I would love it if you could read my chapter, and if you like it, it would be super awesome if you voted for me :) To vote you need to register and log in, and you can only vote once.

Ohh - and did you see the very lovely button Lacey Devlin made for me (on the right)? How nice is she?


  1. Congrats Leah, loved the second chapter

  2. Awesome, Leah!
    I'm off to read your chapter... ;)

  3. I loved your chapter... and I love Dan in a bad, bad way! ; )
    Great job!

  4. Thanks so much Susan and Tina! Your feedback means heaps to me :)

  5. Ooo it didn't end up fitting properly did it? I can fix that if you like?

    Thanks for the shout out :)

    Great second chapter Leah! See there was nothing to be worrying about! I got a thrill out of seeing the Nikki Logan and Maisey Yates comments, I bet you did too!

  6. Thanks Lacey and Jackie! Really glad you liked the chapter.